Adela Warner, EEM-CP

Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practioner

Imagine what it would feel like to be totally healthy and relaxed in the body.

Adela Warner EEM-CP works gently and powerfully with intention, supporting balance and restoration of the body’s natural energies. She assess and address the physical and/or emotional imbalances you are experiencing by working with the body’s subtle energy systems.

Adela is here to inspire and empower you to become conscious of your energy and how to heal your body and transform your thoughts; give strength and courage to be the expansiveness of who you are.

Adela’s extensive knowledge and training in Energy Medicine protocols, integrates concepts and procedures from ancient healing traditions with contemporary scientific understanding for health to balance the body’s chemistry. Her integrative approach unlocks the wisdom in the body’s energy systems to awaken and strengthen your emotional and physical immunity.

What is it that’s holding you back from achieving perfect health?

The body is simply light and can be balanced and restored once the mind can accept healing. Adela’s Energy Medicine therapies enable you to shift consciousness into an enlightened state to heal and transform your body and mind, and return to health and whole being vibrancy.

In addition to Adela Warner’s Eden Energy Medicine Certification, Adela is Certified with Michael Reed Gach in Acupressure Healing and with Jonathan Goldman in Sound Healing.

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