My journey to discover the power of holistic healing

“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.”

-Albert Einstein

Life can be unpredictable, and sometimes it takes us on a journey we never could have imagined.


For me, that journey began when I suffered a traumatic brain injury and a near-death experience. These events changed my life forever and initiated me into a path of healing and self-discovery. I began to explore alternative healing modalities, eventually leading me to the world of energy healing. 


For the past 15 years, I have dedicated myself to studying and mastering this practice, learning from some of the top schools and programs in the field, and offering thousands of sessions. My journey has been challenging, but it has also been incredibly rewarding. I have gained a deep understanding of the power of energy healing and how it can transform lives, helping clients achieve optimum health by alleviating anxiety, removing pain and resolving trauma.


Using my knowledge and experience, I have made it my life’s mission to be of service to others by helping them heal and find their own paths to wellness. To this end, I have developed the Quantum Relief Method, a system designed to relax and reset the body-mind-spirit.


This approach has been particularly effective in guiding clients towards experiencing immediate and long-lasting relief from the stresses of both their personal and professional lives. With my system, these individuals can learn how to effectively manage their stress levels, paving the way for greater success and a better quality of life.


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