Energy Medicine Therapy

Distance Healing

In the comfort of your home, or from wherever you are, the same results as in-person energy healing can be experienced remotely with a distance healing session.

Typical results can include deep relaxation, freedom from stress and anxiety, physical pain relief, a feeling of lightness, mental clarity or grounding, peacefulness, greater love and hopefulness.

After a session, you can go about your day, or you can lay or sit quietly and comfortably, or prepare of a night’s rest.

How a Distance Healing Session Works:

Preparing for a Distance Healing session is easy, and can be over the telephone or by Zoom. It is best to lying down and comfortable with minimal distraction.  Adela will call you at the scheduled time and take some time to learn about your needs before beginning the session. She will be able to share with you more about what to expect during a session as well as address any questions you may have.

Adela will support you in creating a healing environment in your own space and will guide you into a meditative state. She will share with you when she will connect with your energy body, and balance the energies in silence.  During the session, you may experience deep relaxation, fall asleep, emotional releases, tingling or other sensations in your body.

Adela will balance energy to the places where your energy body and spirit are most in need. This energy provides the support needed for your own innate healing power to awaken and balance.