Build your tool kit

Live Healing Meditations

18 min

How to Stay Strong to Your Environment

EMFs, pathogens, and pollution are just some of the variants that circulate our day to day environment.

On this Live with Jamie Rickets we will share holistic tools, inspired perspectives and simple ways to deepen your self-care routine to support yourself against external environment factors in today's living.

8 min

Strengthening Your Love Energy

All of life problems are broken down into questions. Tonight, where are you blocked in yourself to experience greater love?

Join in to learn this simple and effective way to become better aligned and connected to greater love.

21 min

Attuning the Energy of Your Home

Join in tonight to build your tool kit for creating a better feeling in your home.

If you are experiencing any of the following, it is time to clear out and bring in, new desired energy:
- having trouble sleeping
- nightmares
- had unwanted company
- lack of creativity or ambition
- trauma
- feeling sticky or spooky energy in your home
- just feeling off

Tonight we will start unlocking the knowledge with special guest Jamie Ricketts, energy facilitator, practitioner, and designer and owner of the The Luscious Lotus Store. Jamie is on her way to becoming a master in elemental clearing; offering services, gifts, crystals, jewelry, and energy aids.

5 min

Basic Eye and Vision Energy Support

The eyes tell us about the energy of the body, the energy of the mind, the spirit of the person, the emotional.

Join in for basic eye and vision support in tonight’s healing session.

21 min

Alleviate your Headaches

The brain lives on oxygen, nutrients, and glucose. Our diet, our breathing, and fluid intake are all involved with headaches.

In tonight's session, build awareness on types of headaches, discover beneficial essential oils, and learn self-care routines to bring relief.

19 min

Breathe Through Addiction

Release all judgments, and breathe with peace.

In this live healing session I will be guiding you into deeper connection with your spiritual self in support of overcoming an addiction.

21 min

Fall Back Asleep!

Fall Back Asleep! Guided Meditation.

Welcome deep relaxation and guided breathing to support the body to return to comfort and sound sleep.

8 min

Shine with the Summer Solstice

Connect into the lightest day of the year! Activate your beauty and radiate in tonight's meditation.
13 min

Full Moon Chakra Healing

This guided meditation balances the seven chakras and strengthens spiritual connection with yourself and planet earth. If you are feeling off and need some relief, this will help.
11 min

Alleviate Anxiety

Learn exercises to calm anxiety and promote feelings of tranquility and peace of mind.
11 min

Strengthen your Heart and Balance Blood Pressure

Strengthen your heart and balance blood pressure by learning these guided exercises.
9 min

Nostril Breathing

Build your self-care tool kit and learn this breathing exercise!

Nostril breathing heals insomnia, dismantles pain, and calms the mind. Follow along and incorporate this exercise into your daily routine.

12 min

Central Column Breathing

The quickest and most effective way to strengthen your energy is to connect into your midline, and breathe up and down your center. Join in and learn this simple and powerful breathing technique.