Calling All Lightworkers

Welcome to the Sacred Circle

A membership designed to align and upgrade your frequencies, working with the phases of the moon and potent energy portals.

Dive deep into the healing powers, up-leveling your energy in harmony with divine light and love vibrations streaming to earth Now.

Join me in the creation of this energy portal to anchor the new expanded energy of Earth and connect into the power of all of who you are.

The CIRCLE is for you if you are..

  • Curious about Connecting into the Magic of the Moon

  • Feeling the Call to Raise the Planet’s Vibration

  • Learn by Meditations, Sacred Prayers and Breath Work

Are you Ready to..

  • Learn the Moon’s Phases and how it Relates to Your Life

  • Come into your Sovereignty as a Light Worker

  • Assimilate the Earth’s New and Expanded Energy

Biweekly Moon Messages

Bimonthly Moon Messages

Delve deeper into a range of spirit-led moon messages to assist you to a greater level of clarity in these evolutionary times. Each moon message is designed to inform, empower, and uplift. These transmissions will support your evolving consciousness and serve as an energy template of love, peace and unity consciousness. New Moon and Full Moon messages will be offered each cycle, as well as bonus messages when there is an energy download of potent energy to share.

Full Moon Healing Zoom Events

Full Moon Healing Zoom Events

During the moon cycle we will come together, in a united circle, in sacred ceremony, to delve deeper into a range of spirit-led topics to assist us ALL to a greater level of clarity in these evolutive times. Ceremonies will offer a safe place to reflect and receive, let go and come into the power of how you are, healing yourself and planet earth.

Guided Moon Magic Meditations

Guided Moon Magic Meditations

Receive member-only guided meditations offering powerful transmissions to come into a deep remembrance of your birthright of prosperity, your natural essence of magic, and a profound sense of infinite possibility for your life.


Learn Moon Manifesting

Learn Moon Manfesting

The energy frequency of our intention, is strengthened by the connecting to the waxing and waning of the moon and with heart-mind connection. Learn when to set intentions and take action, and when to observe and allow, all geared towards aligning with your soul-purpose and manifesting your heart’s desires.

Discounted Distance Healing

Discounted Distance Healing

In the comfort of your home, or from wherever you are, receive energy attuning and balancing from your home, with Distance Healing session. Sessions promote deep relaxation and spiritual awareness. Members receive 10% off distance healing sessions.



Bonus Features

Bonus Features

Access to member-only energy insights from Adela sharing energy downloads form the Universal Enegy Field that exists throughout the universe across time and space. Additional emails, prayers, meditations, and check-ins will offered to member’s of the Sacred Circle.



The Circle you've been Waiting for...

  • Tap into the vibrations to Awaken the Most Essential Layers of Your Power

  • A channel of motivation to sustain your Inspired Action to Accept Yourself as Soul

  • Access portals to Heal and Create Prosperity Consciousness

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You are needed Now to Connect in and Shine

No matter where you are in life you have the power to connect to the creation energy of the Moon’s rhythms.

This Circle will support you to walk your path with greater ease and grace, and gain maximum benefit from the energies streaming to Earth.

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