Energy Medicine Therapy

Table Session

Experience a safe space to relax and welcome physical and emotional healing. Table Sessions are hands-on energy healing that balance the body’s chemistry and restore peace in mind and body.

This integrated form of energy therapy activates the body’s natural healing energies, and rehabilitates energies that have become weak, disturbed or out of balance.

Table Sessions are relaxing and rejuvenating, and leave you feeling renewed, with a greater sense of self-awareness, and lighter as your limiting beliefs and pains are removed.

Table Sessions can address physical pain, illness, emotional or mental disorders, and can promote high-level wellness and peak performance.

Energy Medicine is accessible to all, and addresses dimensions of healing that cannot be engaged by conventional medicine. The fundamental techniques, and powerful interventions help organize and strengthen the body’s energetic foundation. EM therapies are non-invasive, and can be used as a complementary practice and as a health system in its own right.

The intention of each Table Session is to assess the flow and function of energies and recognize energy patterns that are blocked; and rehabilitate energies that have become weak, disturbed, blocked or out of balance to restore health. Learn self-care tools and exercises post session that cultivate and maintain healthy energy patterns.