What People Are Saying about Adela Warner

I was experiencing severe stomach cramping and pains and after my first session with Adela I noticed significant relief.

She assessed my current health situation and treated exactly where I was experiencing discomfort. I felt very safe with her and profound relaxation while I was on the table. The pains in my sides decreased  rapidly, within a week they were so subtle I barely felt them.

Lauren M.

I had just a 30 minute energy session with Adela and I couldn't remember the last time I felt that relaxed.

Nate Stormzand

WOW, Adela, you're the best! I had so much energy and no pain after our session yesterday. Thank you!

Cristina Aguilera

Adela’s gift of healing combined with her formal training blessed me beyond what words can express.

After working with Adela, I went from being stuck in emotional pain and negative thought to a place of peace and calm. She guided the transformation, taught me exercises to help maintain the forward progress, answered questions, and provided additional guidance as needed. I felt safe and cared for when working with her.

I highly recommend Adela!

Edie Howard

The first description that comes to mind when I think about Adela is “loving presence”. I felt that from the moment I met her, and this sense has only deepened as I have gotten to know her and benefit from her healing energy.

Adela is quick to clarify that she is a conduit for the energy that flows through her, and that makes sessions with her even more powerful, I find.

When we work together I feel thoroughly supported and nurtured. Adela naturally creates a safe space in which healing can happen. What a gift! I am with deep gratitude for having been brought together with this wise, gentle soul.


Cate from Kansas

I had a 90-minute session with Adela and I left feeling like I had an hour-long, deep-tissue massage PLUS a 30-minute meditation session.

The relaxing, calm, alert vibe that I left with carried on for the next few days. Before the session, Adela assessed me and gave me some essential tools to take away that day.

On the table, she worked diligently to move my energy around and focus on my areas of discomfort/tension (both mind and body).

Adela is the real deal. With several certifications and thousands of hours of energy work, she comes to the table with much more than just her knowledge of how to move energy. I highly recommend Adela for your energy healing needs.

Paige Howard

I just had given birth and was experiencing extreme pain in my left hamstring. I did one session with Adela and the pain in my leg nearly subsided. After the session I felt amazing! My energy levels are doing well and am grateful for the self care she provided.

Annie Schley

Adela, the distance healing session we did felt just like a table session with you. It was so relaxing. The stabbing internal pain I was experiencing before went away during the session and has stayed away. Thank you!

Sr. Imelda OP

I was experiencing uncomfortable stiffness and pain and tiredness. Adela's quiet skills aligned my mind and body. My energy returned.

Our weekly Facetime Sessions always leave me feeling present, relaxed and at peace. Life is better mentally and physically.


Adela embodies a new generation of energy medicine practitioners. I strongly encourage trying one of her video sessions.

Through the power of seeing through a Zoom call, she has an amazing ability to notice the energy in your body and provide simple to follow exercises to clear blocks that may be inhibiting your vitality.

The clarity of her instructions and the tender loving care of her practices have helped to revitalize me. After one of her sessions, I am able to stay in centered in Spirit and grounded in Gratitude for weeks at a time.

FuGen, Roshi

Adela’s distance healing session on me was incredible. I laid down in my home to receive the energy and was beckoned into a fully relaxed, blissful state.

Adela’s work filled me with healing light as I experienced dreamlike vision and insights. I was bathing in a cozy warmth far after she was done!

Katy Harrison

Adela, I’m convinced that my healing process has quickened because of my work with you. Your understanding and knowledge in how to bring healing and relief to my shoulder has been profound. I can’t wait for another session. Let the healing work continue!


Adela through her guidance gave me the power to release years of untapped baggage. She has the wisdom from her own healing experience, to support and empower other's on their heal journey.

Adela is one of the most uplifted humans I've ever met. She is patient and thorough, and you 100% trust her intentions while you are on the table.

I will always be grateful for what she has done for me, and for anyone else's life she has the opportunity to touch.

Kayla Burnett
K. B.

While working with Adela, I instantly felt a shift in my chakras and a release of trauma in my body.

The transformation was tremendous.

If you want to release trauma or just need a perfect balance reset, I highly recommend engaging Adela's services! She is phenomenal.

Dara Harakrat
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