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Join Adela Warner for a Holistic Wellness Class for Women!

Join in on the path to a calmer, more balanced life.

Immerse yourself in a supportive environment tailored for women through Adela’s exclusive self-care healing and holistic wellness classes. Explore practical and effective techniques, covering stress relief, pain management, hormone health, and overall enhanced wellness.

Engage in guided mindfulness, visualizations, simple breathing exercises, and energy healing methods to empower your self-care journey. Immerse yourself in a supportive environment tailored for women, fostering self-reflection, tension release, and the rediscovery of your inner calm.

Come, be a part of our community, and prioritize your holistic well-being!

Come and connect! Be part of a soothing journey towards relaxation and well-being. BiWeekly Monday, 6pm at Wythe Prana.


Stress Reduction

Pain Relief

Improved Sleep Quality

All levels are welcome, and no prior meditation experience is needed.


Holistic Wellness

Anxiety Alleviation

Sharpend Focus

Discover mindfulness techniques and easy breathing exercises designed to ease physical discomfort and foster inner calm.

Cortisol Regulation


Lowered Swelling

Classes are 60 minutes long and are designed to alleviate pain, promote hormone health, and melt away stress.

Boosting Immunity

Energy Restoration

Mind-Body Connection

Classes are $10. Reserve Your Spot!  Spaces are Limited. 



Enhanced Emotional Well-Being

Improved Coping Mechanisms

How to Prepare for Class

Plan to Relax Deeply and Release Tension From the Body

What to Wear: Opt for comfortable clothes suitable for sitting, lying down, and gentle movements.

What to Bring: You can bring your own yoga mat, blankets, or pillows for extra comfort. We also have some available for you. This meditation class predominantly involves sitting or lying down. It also recommended to have water with you for hydration during the class.

Pain Points: Share areas of pain or discomfort on the sign-up sheet, enabling Adela to address specific concerns during class.

Come Curious: Embrace a curious mindset as you follow along and discover new methods to heal your body and calm your mind. Meditation is a safe practice, providing opportunities to recognize and appreciate your body’s brilliance. Be open to experiencing new ways to empower and nurture your well-being!

Meet Adela Warner, Your Instructor!

Adela Warner is an exceptional holistic energy facilitator, and her contributions have deeply touched and transformed numerous lives.

She is an experienced instructor and energy facilitator creating a safe, nurturing space for your meditation journey. Share experiences, ask questions, and receive personalized support for physical and emotional relief.

Her distinctive healing methodology not only enhances physical strength and balance but also addresses a wide spectrum of issues, including anxiety, body pain, and insomnia, by seamlessly combining physical, energetic and emotional well-being. 

She can’t wait to meditate with you! Contact Adela with any questions or concerns and she will be happy to hear from you and assist.

Contact: adela@infinityhealingworks.com



  • Certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner (www.edenmethod.com)
  • LumaLight Practitioner (www.spectrahue.com)
  • 4 Years Certified Training with Michael Reed Gach, Ph.D. (www.acupressure.com)
    • Chinese Medicine 5-Elements and Qigong
    • Acupressure Mastery Program
    • Acupressure Training Circle
    • Bodywork Techniques
    • Acupressure Assessment and Application
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